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Why Not Volunteer?

To all the local folks in the Valley area!

Why not volunteer? Memory Lane Railway Museum has the largest collection of D.A.R. artifacts and memorabilia anywhere and it's all volunteer run. In recent years since the founder Ron's passing however, it's been difficult to maintain the level of care without Ron's expertise. Board members and volunteers alike are needed to keep this piece of Nova Scotia heritage alive and well.

The railway was the lifeblood of the community since 1869 though after WWII the railways have diminished in importance to our community. We can't forget though the history of the railway that was for more than a century the social and economic force that brought us here in the first place and to where we are today.

Volunteerism is our pioneer spirit showing; the same spirit that our forefathers had when they helped each other break ground on their homesteads in the province, helped each other raise barns and houses and built community halls to socialize and work together.
Nova Scotia has always been a community that cares about its history and has provided a firm basis for much of the tourism industry that communities benefit and depend on. The very moniker "The Evangeline Route" that runs through the valley and still attracts tourist to today was born from the tourism campaigns started by the D.A.R.

Please consider helping out! A couple hours a week, a month... get involved with the board, on a project basis or building maintenance; whatever you have will be welcome and will show your community spirit and keep this railway heritage and history alive for the benefit of the community and the clients the museum serves and supports.