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Labour & Material

The museum has regular maintenance needs and project plans for the railway station and grounds. If you have building or groundskeeping materials you would care to donate, please contact the museum director to discuss.

If you wish to volunteer at the museum, the directors have a number of tasks and projects for museum supporters to get involved with. Under the guidance of the museum director, you would work on projects in concert with the Future View TREA clients to provide them with additional training opportunities and technologies and to enhance the railway museum property and displays.

There are also the cyber-volunteers of the museum that not only provide financial support but host and run this museum site and the DAR DPI site ( DAR DPI stands for the Dominion Atlantic Railway Digital Preservation Initiative. We are here to collect and digitize D.A.R. artefacts and present them in a historical context through the use of the MediaWiki software platform. This gives our DARwiki an encyclopaedic "Wikipedia" look as this is the same software used there. A complementary "Forum" is also part of the DAR DPI where anyone can sign up and join in on conversation ranging from museum support trips to researching and discussing photos and images. The DAR DPI plans to help see every artefact in the museum digitized and to eventually install a kiosk computer in the musem so all this information is available to museum visitors.