10 Wheeler (4-6-0) CNR 1274/1521

Photo by Adrian Johnstone

How It All Came Together
As part of the display at the gate to the park styled as a train station (1), this great old train (2) became available when Upper Clements park closed its gates for good in 2019 and sold the land to the county of Annapolis, in preparation for the sale of the land to the famous Gordonstoun School of Scotland. The park was originally built by the province in 1989 and in 2009 ownership transferred over to the non-profit society that was operating it previously under license. The transfer of ownership also meant the province expected the park to cover their own expenses for operations and maintenance which by 2019 had become impossible to do. The park closed the doors and sold the land to the county In 2019. The County of Annapolis offered the engine, box cars, water tower and track for the price of removing it from the site after it purchased the land and started disposing of the amusement park equipment in preparation for the sale to Gordonstoun. That’s when the board of the Middleton Railway Museum kicked into high gear, made the offer to remove the assets and started planning for the move.

Click here to see John MacDonald examine the equipment at Upper Clements.

Click here to see Dianne Le Gard talk about the station and the arrival of the steam locomotive at Upper Clements.
Click here to see John MacDonald reminice about railroading.Click here to hear Bill Linley discuss the history of the locomotive and the station history,
In October 2021, Canadian National Railways installed the tracks in front of the station. 
On December 16th, 2020, the trucks and cranes arrived at Upper Clements to get it ready for the big move to our museum. Click here to watch the video of the loading.On December 17th the loco was at it’s new home in front of our museum. Click here to watch the video of the unloading.
CBC Does a new story on the museum and the move. Click here to view.CTV interviews the move after and the museum gets Maritime coverage.  Click here to see the newsclip.